August 2016 PBs

Adele- 5 Kipping t2b
Alfonso – Power Clean 45kg
Brett – Clean 77.5kg
Britt – Deadlift 100kg, Clean 52.5kg
Catherine – Snatch 40kg
Claire – Clean 65kg
Clint – Clean 70kg, 3RM Clean and Jerk 60kg
Dani – Clean 65kg
Daniel Nin – Strict Press 55kg, Back Squat 120kg
Dashiel Valenti – Power Snatch 77.5kg
Dave M – Power Clean 55kg
Fiona – Clean 50kg
Frances – Clean 45kg
Glen – Back squat 100kg
Ingrid – Clean 52.5kg
Jake Sutton – 3RM Back Squat 120kg, 3RM Front Squat 110kg, Snatch 85kg, 3RM Snatch 80kg
Janine – Power Clean 45kg
Jeff – Power Clean 65kg
Jeremy – Back Squat 80kg
Jesse – Legless Rope Climb
Jess – Power Snatch 45kg, Clean 65kg
Jo A – Back Squat 80kg, Power Snatch 35kg
Keith McKinney – Power Snatch 75kg, Strict Press 75kg, 3RM Hang Power Clean 100kg, Isabel 3:10
Kym – Back Squat 90kg
Lauren – Clean 45kg
Lou – Back Squat 60kg, Clean 38.5kg
Marco – Clean 86kg
Marek – Back Squat 80kg
May – Clean 45kg
Michael Rose – Clean 75kg, 1 Rope Climb
Mikel – Back Squat 80kg
Mietta – Deadlift 100kg, 50 Double Unders
Mo – Clean 70kg, Strict Press 43.5kg, 3RM Clean and Jerk 57kg
Paul – Power Clean70kg
Peter Stoj – Power Snatch 47.5kg
Philip – Clean 90kg, Snatch 70kg
Raymie – Power Clean 70kg
Steven – Power Clean 80kg
Tai – 1 Bar Muscle UP
Tamara – Back Squat 60kg, 2RM Split Jerk 45kg
Taryn – Strict Press 43.5kg, 2m Handstand Walk
Thang – Power Snatch 60kg, Power Clean 80kg
Toni – Power Clean 34kg
Wendy Wu – Snatch 45kg, Clean 65kg

CrossFit Fibre Taryn Johnston

CrossFit Fibre Daniel Nin

CrossFit Fibre Michael


CrossFit Fibre Mo


CrossFit Fibre Jo

CrossFit Fibre Jeremy

CrossFit Fibre Marek

CrossFit Fibre Jesse

CrossFit Fibre Ingrid

CrossFit Fibre Lauren

CrossFit Fibre Wendy

CrossFit Fibre Philip

CrossFit Fibre Clint

CrossFit Fibre Thang

CrossFit Fibre Debbie Taryn

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