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Hey Guys

So, in May this year our great friend Kim Payet was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has had a lumpectomy and the specimen is now being sent to America for comprehensive testing to determine whether chemo is needed or if radiation therapy is the next step on Kim’s journey of recovery.

For sending the specimen to America it has cost $5000 plus all the other medical expenses. This is a massive hit, especially at this time as Kim has not been able to work as she recovers from her surgery. Money is not something Kim should be worrying about right now and all focus should be on her recovery and the kicking of this cancer square in the ass!

We, Ruth Hannigan, Stirling Watto, Jen Craig, Bruce Dominguez and Roisin, have come together to raise some funds for Kim. Seeing as we are all gym friends and train from the Fibre Active gym, we propose that for every $1 raised, we as a team will complete 1 burpee. We will split all total reps amongst us. Our aim is to raise $5000, which will equal a huge 5000 burpees. That’s a lovely round 1000 burpees each!

We will run this as an event on Sunday the 28th June in Fibre Active West Perth. Please come down and show some support. We are also looking to collect some prizes so that we can run a raffle with all proceeds going to Kim’s medical expenses.

This is the least we can do for Kim as she has always been the one there for us, from working out our niggles in Northbridge Chiropractic, to having a great laugh during a workout and, most of all, always being such a great friend.

Please show us some support and donate to this great cause! Not only will you put us through some pain and suffering in the form of burpees but you will be helping an absolute legend on her road to recovery!

Update 12/6/20:

We have raised the target to $10,000 because of the generosity of the crew. We have now nearly passed $7000. So much love for this. This will help so much. Dig deep guys. Share this page if you like. There’s going to be a lot and I mean a LOT of burpees!

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