Fibre Active West Perth Members

We welcome everyone to try our classes. Your fitness level or athletic experience is never an issue when starting out at Fibre Active. there is no where else better to improve your strength and fitness. With classes running throughout the day, we have classes here that will suit you.

All movements can be simplified to your training experience and all sessions will be coached and monitored by experienced coaches so you will get the best out of your training session.

About Training
Fibre Active West Perth Fitness Training
Fibre Active West Perth ACTcon

ACTCon means Active Conditioning. This is our general all purpose Strength and Conditioning classes that covers all your bases fitness, strength, mobility and conditioning. Conditioning can be a mix of different type of training, be it aimed at increasing strength or endurance.

Designed with a general goal to get you fit and strong. All Active Conditioning classes are programmed and coached by experienced and sometimes quirky coaches.

No matter if you are a beginner at exercise or a novice mover, you will definitely benefit from attending 1 month of classes. Be prepared to sweat.

Fibre Active Redline HIIT
Redline HIIT

Redline is our version of HIIT classes. Designed with no Barbells in mind, this class is fast paced, easy to pick up and solid work. Paired exercises where you will raise your metabolism, raise the heat in your body and core to maximize fat burn and fat loss over the next hour.

No thinking, minimal learning, just go continuously until the clock beeps. Bring a towel and spare change as it gets really sweaty. Your EPOC will be through the roof which means you will keep on burning fuel after you stop working out.

Fibre Active Weight Lifting
Weight Lifting

Weight Lifting is an artform. The art of moving a load over your head with 2 very specific movements which require years of practice and drilling. In this specialty class we break down mainly 2 main lifts the Snatch and also Clean and Jerk.

The weekly class will look at strength cycles that help to improve all aspects of lifters.


Gymnastics is a Specialty Class to get you strong for any bodyweight type movements that we will use in ACTcon. From the basics of handstand holds to the sexy Ring Muscle Up, we spend an hour each week looking at building strong foundations for complete bodyweight awareness.

Corporate Lunch Time Classes

Work around the West Perth area and looking for a quick Lunch Time Class? We run 30 minute classes throughout the week at Fibre Active so you can get a quick sweat on and be energised for the rest of the day.

Beat the mid day hump with a flash Lunch Time Session. Great for Professionals who need a quick session, mums who have a bit of spare time around then or even students who have a mid day break from uni/tafe.

This class is a mix of strength and fitness to boost your metabolism, raise your endorphins so that you stay sharp and focused for the next 4-5 hours before home time.