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Top 5 Exercises You Can Do at Home

Need to workout at home but not sure what to do? Well here we will cover the top 5 exercises that you can do from home if you have little or no equipment. Here is a simple list of 5 of the simplest exercises that can keep you fit.

There is a misconception that without a gym, you cannot get fit. That is far from the truth. You do not need your gym to get your fitness in. In fact, those who say that really have no intention on working out in the first place. Yes it may be so much more advantageous if you could have access to a gym, but you can do something at home if time and convenience was an issue. If you have come across this article, you obviously are searching for how to and what to dos, so kudos on you for searching it out. If there is a will, you will find a way.

Here are 5 Exercises you can do at home that will keep you strong and if you do enough of them it will raise your heart rate up and give you a good puff along the way. Having these 5 exercises to do will keep the general strength in your body very balanced too because balance is the key when choosing what you do. Read the text below before watching the videos. 😉

#1 Squats

The body weight squat is the single most elementary movement your body can do that will work almost all the muscles in your lower leg. Your legs can take an absolute thrashing in terms of weight and volume so you can definitely put them to work. Build them up with a squat and then slowly progress on to weights, tempo, isometrics, and then unilateral work. The sky is literally the limit of what you can do with just starting with squats. Strong legs gives you a tonne of confidence.

#2 Push Ups

Push Ups are to target your chest and some arms, but depending on how wide you have your hand position, it will bias more towards the arms. You want to have your hands wide apart up to your shoulder distance apart so that you build strength in your chest. Building your push muscles shapes up and strengthens your chest and  arms.

#3 Planks

All good balanced programs need to target your core at some point. If there is not an element of core in there, it’s no good. Planks give you core strength. It is the bridge between your arms and legs. Without it, you will risk injury in your training or exercise. It will also allow you to add more power into your movements and exercises especially when you start to build strength in your limbs and want to increase the complexity of the movements. Add these to your routine and always at the end of your workout unless you want to pre-fatigue, which is a whole other story.

#4 Pulls

Pulls like the Table Row really hit the back muscles like your traps and lats depending on the distance of your grip. Pulls are hugely forgotten about when it comes to choosing exercises, so we need to definitely add them to any balanced program. Developing these muscles are important to help strengthen your shoulders and back which in turn helps improve your posture (forward rounding of your shoulders and spine). A better posture will give you more numerous benefits like improved capacity to breathe deeper, which will inject more oxygen to your body and promotes more relaxation for you.

#5 Burpees

If you have done some training before, you would probably know about Burpees. If you don’t, then you should give these a go as they will push your cardio and conditioning. This simple bodyweight exercise can make experienced exercisers keel over on the floor calling for mommy. And yes you can do them too. It is interestingly a full-bodied workout packed into one simple movement. Arms legs abs get worked and also at certain points it taxes your arms and legs individually there is what’s called a peripheral heart action which gets you fit a lot faster than just concentrating on a long slow run. Yup, you can get fit in your lounge room (carport or patio is better).

All right those are our top 5 exercises that you need to stay fit at home if you have literally no equipment. There really is no excuse to not stay fit. The question is whether you want to or not. That is the only difference. We will cover the common household items you can use to stay fit in the next post. Being creative is also fun. Exercising at home does not have to be boring or expensive. With a bit of know how, you can stay very fit indoors.

And here is an extra bonus part of this section, tieing them all together into a workout program. Here is a simple Workout for you to do with the 5 exercises above.

Workout Time!


  • Squats
  • Push Ups
  • Rows
  • Burpees

Complete the above workout starting with 20 squats, then 20 push ups, 20 table rows, 20 burpees in the first round. Then drop reps down to 15 for all exercises, then to 10 and then to 5. See how long it takes you.


  • Accumulate 2mins of a Plank

Once you have done, check the time it took you to complete that then finish with a core set of Accumulating 2mins of a Plank Hold. Rest as needed, you should not feel any (sharp) pains anywhere, just muscle squeezing. Drop to knees if you need to.

And voila, you have your first workout there with all those 5 exercises! It does not have to be fancy. You just have to put some heart into your body. We hope you got plenty from this article and stay tuned for the next post on the top 5 household items you can use to workout with and of course, we will also cover some stretching that you can do at home too.

If you have any questions on programming and how to get fitter, drop us a message or get on our email list.

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