What You Need for CrossFit

Congratulations! You are going to embark on a thrilling, exciting, humbling and addictive journey. But before you do, there are a few things you need before you get started. We always talk about preparation and it is so important to have all the gear, so you get the idea. The fitness programs that we will be programming for you will require a lot of prep. All the heavy lifts, bar work on the chin up bars, skipping, jumping, you want to know what will give you a bit of peace of mind so you can be 100% involved with your workout. Have a read through of the list below and there are links for you to where you can get your hands on these bits and pieces. Oh, and you’re welcome.

Hand Grips / Protection

With so much time spent hanging for gymnastics movements, we need to look after our hands. Hand protection is super important and so is hand maintenance. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Bear Komplex is the new kid on the block and current favourite by those who have got them. $84.95

Roo Grips are made of roo leather, feel soft and act like a flexible second layer of skin. $79.95

Jaw Grips call themselves the original grips. Big divide with them with some swearing by them, others just don’t like them! They need replacing every 3-4month. $33

Wodies are comfortable, absorb sweat and chalk and they provide both hands protection and strong wrist support. $59.95

Thumb Tape is used to protect your thumb during hook grips at weightlifting. They also come in handy when doing dumbbell and kettle bell snatches. $14.95


Hand Maintenance

These guys will only protect hands from nasty rips. On top of that, you will need to be maintaining your calluses weekly by keeping on top of them and shaving them down. This will help to prevent soreness and time away from the bar, rips, blood blisters. You can use a callus shaver, yes these things exist! Available at Fibre Active for $10.

In case of rips, CrossFixe is a great healer and will speed up the healing process.

Available at Fibre Active for $13 the tub.


Wrist Wraps

As you are learning the art of weightlifting and getting the ‘elbows high’, you may feel some discomfort in the wrist. You may also need them when doing loaded wrist movements like Handstand Push Ups, Overhead Squats and Push Jerks. Wrist wraps are used to provide extra support to your wrists however wrist warm up and mobility are necessary work and so is learning to get the technique right with those high elbows.

Rocktape Wrist Wraps $22.50

Discount available through Fibre Active.


Knee Sleeves

Knee sleeves are required for those who need extra support for their VMOs. If you have injured your knees previously (knee ligament injury, meniscus injury) or had a knee reconstruction, you will most likely need them. You can also use them when doing lunges and pull them down to protect your shins when doing rope climbs to avoid burns.

Rocktape Knee Sleeves $69.95

Discount available through Fibre Active.


Speed Rope

Speed ropes are a must in your bag. They need to be tailored to your height and also your skill level as well. Learning how to master the double under takes time and a lot of skipping practice. There are numerous types of ropes available but only some are suited for Double Unders. You can start off with a basic pair and will cost you around $15 and then the really good ones can be around $80-$100 a set. These will be lighter weight with heavier ropes and very spinny handles.

Alphafit Speed Rope $15

RPM Speed Rope 4.0 $99

CrossFit Shoes

There is no doubt you need the right type of shoes for the right workout. This holds true for CrossFit too. We recommend CrossFit shoes for the training you are going to do right from the start so they allow you to learn the right recruitment patterns in your legs. They help you to ground your feet evenly and allows you to activate the right muscles in your legs for when you are lifting weights. These specific shoes are integral to your training and allow you to lift better and effectively. The main two ones that are used are Nike Metcons and Reebok Nanos.

Nike Metcons 5 $189.99

Reebok Nano 9.0 $190


Weightlifting Shoes

When you get really serious and start lifting a lot heavier, weight lifting shoes is the go to shoes with a much more stable base. The added heel lift will also accommodate for a more upright posture in the squat and also allow maximum lower leg muscle activation. The main two ones that are used are Nike Romaleos and Reebok Legacy.

Nike Romaleos $269.90

Reebok Legacy $219.99

And there you have it. Feel free to get in touch if you have any more questions on the list above or if you need any comparisons. What you use in your journey can be a matter of opinion too, so there may be a little trial and error to what type of gear suits you best or which one you prefer. Else, see you in the box soon.

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